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Make a difference in 5 minutes!



Action for Today aggregates action items people can do quickly.

Our 5+5 plan encourages conservatives to give 5 minutes and 5 dollars a day to causes of their choice. If 5 dollars a day is a bit much, then simply give 5 more minutes! Select a topic page that interests you, scroll down through the action items in the comments section, and make something happen in 5 minutes — or with 5 dollars. You don’t always need to protest at the State Capitol to make an impact. Action for Today makes it easy to push back against the small but strident liberals who are changing our nation because too many of us don’t know where to start. Don’t let that happen. Take Action for Today!

Want to post a cause or need to this site? Go to the FAQ for instructions and post items in the comments box of your favorite topic.

Then, if you have videos or experiences to share, post to our FaceBook page Action for Today. Hope to see you here every day for 5 minutes or 5 bucks. Together we can advance the traditions that make our nation great!