William-Adolphe_Bouguereau_(1825-1905)_-_The_Difficult_Lesson_(1884)Action items on this page pertain to parents’ rights to educate their children and enhancing local control of education.

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5 thoughts on “Education

  1. Karen Effrem, MD

    Action plan for Education from the #AbouttheChild conference:

    2) Demand psychological data privacy on the state and federal levels–8035CC3C-673E-49B4-8293-E43078236473/psychosocial-manipulation-in-the-common-core-standards-and-aligned-tests-and-curriculum.pdf

    3) Opt out of all public school testing and data requests

    4) Demand parental opt-out law
    3) Beware competency based learning

    5) Stay tuned for info on legal challenges (Sign up for email alerts at

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    1. Jolyn Potenza

      Re #3 above… I have a 4th grader in public school. If we opt out of the STAAR test, will it jeopardize his entry into private school next year?


      1. Joan Landes Post author

        Jolyn, I’m not sure this site will be able to give an answer to your question. Your best bet will be to contact your state anti-CC group and ask them. Good luck with that 4th grader!


  2. Joan Landes Post author

    Linda Murphy posted:
    I have joined with leaders across the country who are working to
    STOP FED ED. In Houston during the conference on 1-30-2016
    Karen Bracken of Tennessee, Peg Luksik of Pennsylvania, Christel Lane Swasey of Utah, Karen Effrem of Florida, Joan Landes of Utah and I spoke then stood together to support Karen’s national effort to Stop Fed Ed! This is the cry that is still in the heart of those who have fought the top down control of education for many years. We will not go away!!

    Here is a short article about the current state of Fed Ed-

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